Corporate Due Diligence

Conducting a due diligence investigation on companies, their owners or management is one of the most useful tools in identifying investment scams, disreputable companies, poor business practices and conflicts of interest.  The following are examples of some of our due diligence investigations:
  • Individual Due Diligence: An individual due diligence investigation is conducted on company owners, officers, directors or management personnel. It consists of a review of public records, professional membership records, a national bankruptcy search, a lien search, a litigation search and a comprehensive media search.
  • Corporate Due Diligence: A corporate due diligence investigation will determine if a company is a legally registered, provide information on the company’s registration, its owners and their addresses, shareholders, style names, previous names and amalgamation history. It will also identify security agreements, financing statements, judgements and tax liens filed against the company, provide an accurate credit history as well as highlight the company’s litigious nature, insolvency status and public activities. Public records, business licensing and industry affiliations will also be reviewed.

Enhanced Corporate Due Diligence:

An enhanced corporate due diligence investigation should be conducted prior to the signing of any major contracts, prospectus financing, purchase or sale of a business, negotiated buy-out’s or hostile takeovers. This type of investigation is custom designed to meet your specific needs and involves a more in depth look at a company’s financial abilities, relationships, major investors and tax compliance history.

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